Somerset County 4-H

4H overview

The 4-H program is one of the oldest and largest youth development organizations in the U.S. Over a century old, 4-H has expanded its enrollment nationwide to over 7 million members, 90,000 community clubs and 560,000 volunteer leaders. Although research-based knowledge focusing on agriculture sciences remains a traditional priority in rural 4-H programs, contemporary 4-H strives to reach diverse youth in urban areas as well. It also features a more expansive and sophisticated selection of educational topics.

Since 1946, 4-H organizations have expanded worldwide with activity in over 80 countries.

Somerset County 4-H

Here are details from 2012

There are 75 4-H clubs at the Somerset County 4-H. There are over 2,000 club members (~9 to 19 years old). This does not include all the volunteer leaders.

The clubs range from model railroading to rocketry, creative writing, line dancing, robotics, and raising animals from dairy cows to snakes.

The Somerset County 4-H Fair holds the distinction of being the Largest, FREE under-tent fair East of the Mississippi River.


Here are links to websites for some clubs in the Somerset County 4-H